Understanding the challenges involved with securing and controlling the movement of crypto assets:

We understand that securing and controlling the movement of crypto assets involves several complex concept.So, to make it easier for you to understand, we’ve developed a series of short explainer videos.

What are public and private keys?

When you enter the world of cryptocurrency, you’ll need to understand the concept of public and private keys, and what they mean in relation to crypto currency wallets. This short video explains the basics.


What are the threats to my digital assets?

Businesses that are in any way involved in moving and storing digital assets, need to understand the different types of threats that they are exposed to every day. This video outlines the different types and shows why digital asset security is so important.

Hardware vs software encryption

Businesses that move and store digital assets need to ensure that the encryption process has not been tampered with and that the private keys are stored somewhere that cannot be accessed without the appropriate permissions. This video explains why using hardware roots of trust is essential when securing digital assets.

Signing a crypto currency transaction

Authorising the movement of digital assets from one wallet to another involves the need for a transaction to be signed by a private key. This video explores the different signing options available if you are an organisation that needs institutional grade security.

The four essential components of key management

This video explores the essential elements of successful custodianship and explains how the Hokan key management solution addresses each of these fundamentals.


Hokan, your private key management solution

Hokan is a custodial key management system that protects institutions from attacks outside and inside of their organisations. This video tells how the solution works and shows that whether you are a custodian or not, how you can safely and securely manage private keys.


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