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Hardware based security

Our system works in combination with hardware roots of trust that secure data at every endpoint. Cryptographic keys are managed in specialised hardware, which protects them from being exploited.  

We guarantee maximum trust, by operating a hybrid hardware and software based security system .  

Shared key and responsibility; Threshold based approach

Transactions are only permitted when a specified number of parties authorise a transaction.

Our system is based on distributed and decentralised keys, together with an N of M authorisation system that guarantees security and shared responsibility. This means that no single entity has control of the crypto assets.

Secure by design

Each element of the platform has been designed with a bottom-up approach. Security is not added on top, but is built into the core of our system.  No single private key exists in our solution at any point in the wallet creation process, and there is no single honey pot on our servers with all the keys. Keys are created locally at the endpoints and never shared.  Hokan does not control any keys, therefore does not have control over the assets. Not even System Administrators. 

Multi-Currency & NFT

Hokan supports most major crypto currencies and both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Because Hokan’s key management is all off-chain we can support any blockchain. Currently Hokan supports: BTC, ETH, XRP, BSV, BCH, SOL, AVAX, ERC20 tokens & NFTs.

White label platform

Provided as a white-label solution, Hokan allows an organisation to become the custody provider and gives clients a ‘best in class’ service that dovetails easily into existing business processes. 

Also, Hokan can be provided as a dedicated separate instance for each of our customers both in cloud or on-premises

Integrated KYC & KYA/KYT

The Hokan platform comes with integrated KYC, KYA & KYT functionalities, in order to make it easier to comply with customer due diligence and anti-money laundering regulations. 


  • Weighted TSS
  • Mobile Signing
  • Flash Loans
  • Asset Leveraging & Lending
  • Walled Garden with Key Excahnges
  • CBDC Support

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